Our Global Venue: Twitch

The biggest name in all of live-streaming history … we are happy to announce yet another great year of HomeCon will be hosted on Twitch!

Twitch is the best of its kind. It allows HomeCon to provide an easily accessible and affordable convention experience to as many people who want to nerd out as possible. Over the course of HomeCon’s life, Twitch has helped us to reach more than 800,000 people!

What we appreciate most about Twitch is the community it allows us to foster, through genuine communication between our guests and their fans. Meet others who share your passions. Ask that question to your favorite star that’s been scratching your brain. Support amazing causes by contributing.

That’s why we are PROUD to be an official Twitch partner!

“What’s a Twitch Partner?” you ask. A Twitch Partner is what Twitch considers to be one of the world’s most popular video game broadcasters. Out of more than 9 million active broadcasters there are currently only 27,000 partners total in the world.

As Wired recently wrote, the creator economy is eternally in Twitch’s debt. Allowing fans and creatives to share their stories and creations to a limitless audience. … What’s not to love?