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Past Celebrity Guests

Alex Mallari Jr.
Alex Mallari Jr.
Tim Rozon
Tim Rozon
Kat Barrell
Kat Barrell
Katie McGrath
Dominique Provost-Chalkley
Dominique Provost-Chalkley
Our Mission
In a world where we seem to become more virtual every day, there can be a sense of isolation. In the dawn of the 2020 pandemic, we dreamed of creating an experience where everyone could be connected from the safety of their homes and still interact with new people from anywhere around the globe.

HomeCon attendees have the opportunity to attend live virtual panels featuring celebrities from their favorite shows.

Since many of us still need to practice social distancing to protect ourselves, our loved ones and our communities, HomeCon has been created as a safe zone where the fan convention community can connect, safely. No need to travel!

Everyone has a duty to protect the world, and each other. We must all do our part.
Who We Are.
Founded in March of 2020, HomeCon is a philanthropy-focused company that hosts events to promote awareness and funding for charitable causes and social good projects. More than 800,000 people have "virtually" attended HomeCon events since its inception.
Our Philosophy.
HomeCon connects individuals across the globe through unique online events that are bringing a new vibe to the world of pop culture conventions, conferences and charity benefits.

The Blog

Our Global Venue: Twitch

The biggest name in all of live-streaming history … we are happy to announce yet another great year of HomeCon will be hosted on Twitch!

Twitch is the best of its kind. It allows HomeCon to provide an easily accessible and affordable convention experience to as many people who want to nerd out as possible. Over the course of HomeCon’s life, Twitch has helped us to reach more than 800,000 people!

What we appreciate most about Twitch is the community it allows us to foster, through genuine communication between our guests and their fans. Meet others who share your passions. Ask that question to your favorite star that’s been scratching your brain. Support amazing causes by contributing.

That’s why we are PROUD to have be an official Twitch partner!

As Wired recently wrote, the creator economy is eternally in Twitch’s debt. Allowing fans and creatives to share their stories and creations to a limitless audience. … What’s not to love?

Meet Drew Crowder, HomeCon Cofounder

HomeCon has a lot of people to thank. One of the biggest being HomeCon Cofounder Drew Crowder!

Drew is a powerhouse in managing brands and companies. His invaluable experience working with the National Indian Gaming Association, starting countless initiatives with them, is one of the reasons we are grateful to have Drew on our team. So many of the fandoms HomeCon embraces and its fans love, like cinema and gaming, are what makes Drew tick every day, and has been for the last twenty five years of accumulated experience.

What’s even better? He founded the International Association of Pop Culture Entrepreneurs, a 501c6 professional association and sister org to The Creative Coalition that both strive to help entrepreneurs in the pop culture sphere navigate its complexities with professionalism and community.

Say Hello to Kelly Ann Collins, Our Co-CEO

Kelly Ann Collins is HomeCon’s one and only Co-CEO.

She has more than 10 years of experience as an entrepreneur, CEO and senior management in news media, communications, marketing, PR and social good. You’ll recognize a lot of the big names she’s been involved with—including Starbucks, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, UNEP, Conservation International, Disneynature, USA Today, United Nations. 

Trained at MIT, Cornell, and Y Combinator, Kelly is CEO is integrated marketing strategy company Vult Lab, pioneering hundreds of campaigns and projects across every platform on the internet all over the world.

She shares the focal value of HomeCon: to promote social good. It remains as one her primary motivators in everything she undertakes, which is why HomeCon is PROUD to have her on board!

DJ Manifesto is HomeCon’s Resident DJ

HomeCon is an experience unlike any other. That’s why we have DJ Manifesto. Expect him to rock the stage at this year’s shows, as well as blow our minds at the VIP afterparties!

DJ Manifesto has a backlog of more than 1,500 shows, some with the legendary likes of Paul Van Dyke and Victor Calderone. You can expect nothing less than sonic perfection and bass that will vibrate more than just the floor … it’ll hit you right in the spirit! An innovator in both music and tech, we are glad to have him on this year’s lineup.

Get excited by checking out his music before the show on Soundcloud, Spotify, or on his website.

Give him a follow on all the socials: Instagram | Facebook | Twitter

Meet Greg Grunberg, Our VIP Host

We gotta provide a high quality experience for our fans. I mean, what’s a good live stream without a good number of pixels?

Meet Greg Grunberg, our VIP Host and Head of Production with Woodshed Studios.

Greg Grunberg has an ever-growing filmography with over 30 years of industry experience, having been featured in Heroes, Felicity, Alias, Star Wars, and A Star is Born. Grunberg is also an advocate for positive change with his work in epilepsy awareness. He has a long-standing history of working with the Pediatric Epilepsy Project in Los Angeles, and has cemented his commitment with accolades including serving as the chair of the first National Walk for Epilepsy, presented by the Epilepsy Foundation in 2007.

You can also find him on our very own hosting platform, Twitch, presenting on the Social Tron, playing video games and engaging in other shenanigans.

We strive to make HomeCon as high quality as possible in every regard. Grunberg’s production studio, Woodshed, provides the ideal place to host any event–online or otherwise. He has worked years to make sure that every facet of production is covered, from video, photo, sound, and design.

The Woodshed Studios has hosted countless events in North Hollywood from premieres to concerts in a versatile, high-quality environment, complete with all the fixings to bring your event to the next level.

Check out the space on the website.